When NOW is a good time

Now that we have the election behind us and we (finally) have a result, property buyers have stepped up the pace!  With the Liberal/National Coalition returned to government, the threat to negative gearing is off the agenda and buyer confidence is up.

September, October and November are the popular, spring selling months when we traditionally see real estate take on a season all of its own.  Yes the weather is on the improve; yes the garden looks better but with every other property seller thinking the same, your property suddenly has 2, 3 or 4 times the competition for a limited number of buyers.

Basic economics tell us that when supply is lower than demand, prices rise.

So wouldn’t it be better to sell when there are less properties on the market – when buyers have less to choose from and there’s a greater chance that more than one buyer will want your property?  That, along with a well planned and targeted marketing campaign helps you achieve a great sale price.

Enjoying Northern Victoria’s climate, Swan Hill has the advantage of providing some warmer sunshine even before Melbourne’s media starts talking about spring and if you’ve been preparing your property for the traditional September – November selling season, then August may well be the best time to get the jump on your competition and take your property to market.

24 hours can be a long time in real estate.  The appraisal price your agent provided last week could be obsolete tomorrow when a keen buyer pays over the odds to secure the house around the corner – because “it’s what they’ve always wanted”.

Property owners commonly make the mistake of not keeping their market appraisal up to date.  If you’ve had an appraisal done, but it was a few years or even a few months ago, the current estimated selling range can be quite different due to the demand for properties and the supply of listings (or lack thereof) in the current market.  Your agent should always be happy to revisit your property and gather fresh, relevant sales data to keep your appraisal accurate and up to date.  If not, then maybe your agent is not really your agent!


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When NOW is a good time