Sales Consultants


Join us as a Property Professional

Thank you for interest in joining the Wood&Co Sales team – it’s an exciting career choice and one that can provide a lifestyle and income that many people only dream of.

This is not just another sales job – Wood & Co’s reputation rides on the success of our people and we will nurture, train and support you to become a respected authority on Swan Hill real estate.

While the agency is paid at the end of a successful property settlement, the Property Professionals at Wood & Co don’t have to shoulder this risk as Wood & Co doesn’t employ consultants on a “commission only” basis.  A secure salary is paid with a package that provides quarterly bonuses when your sales commissions exceed a certain level.

All Wood & Co’s Property Professionals are required to hold an Agent’s Representative qualification in both Victoria and New South Wales.  We maintain ongoing training to help our team stay abreast of changes in legislation and best practice procedures.

During his 30 years in the business, Wood&Co Principal, Brian Wood, has helped nurture many people to enjoy success in real estate sales and is always happy to talk to people who are interested in this exciting career.

Wood&Co’s success has been achieved through providing great service.  That service relies on great people – and that’s where you come in.

How to apply

The information below, tells you more about the position and what’s involved in our day-to-day work and it’s important to assess whether your personal attributes are going to suit a career in real estate sales.  We’ve found that the best way to do this is for you to complete an assessment known as a Sales Inventory Profile and you can do this by clicking here.  (You may need to hold down your Control button as you click).

Please make sure you have a good internet connection and you should allow about 50-60 minutes to answer all the questions.  There is no prize for finishing early and no right or wrong answers – just relax and answer each question honestly.  At the completion of the questionnaire, you can attach your resume and cover letter.

Usually within 48 hours of completing your Sales Inventory Profile, your confidential application and assessment result will be sent to Brian Wood at Wood&Co and he will be in touch with you.


More about the nature of selling real estate

In real estate sales, the agency usually gets paid only when a property is sold.

Unlike selling in other industries, the business doesn’t own the product or stock it’s selling – we are simply an “agent” engaged by the owner to sell the property on his/her behalf.  Looking at it another way, it’s really our service that we’re selling and it’s the property sellers who buy our service – but they only pay us if we sell their property.

Another unique thing about selling real estate is that a Property Professional cannot simply “order more stock” as needed.  He or she has to find properties that people are considering selling and then be favoured with the owner’s instructions to market and sell the property.  That’s called a listing – where the Property Professional has permission to add that property to the list of properties for sale.

Included in the process of listing, the Property Professional will be called upon to provide advice on pricing, suggestions on presentation and recommendations on marketing.  As every experienced Property Professional knows, if a property is listed at the correct price, well presented and effectively marketed, anyone can sell it. Anyone may not have the skills and experience to negotiate the very best price, but he/she could sell it nonetheless.

So, as you’ve probably worked out, to be a successful Property Professional, you need to be good at listing and creating lots of opportunities to obtain listings.

Once a property is listed for sale, the Property Professional then starts working on finding the buyer who will pay the very best price for the property.  This is where the right presentation and effective marketing come in and it’s important that the consultant’s negotiation skills are honed and perfected in order to truly represent the owner’s best interests.  Whilst the Property Professional must never forget that his/her first loyalty is to the property owner (who pays the commission) everyone must be treated fairly and with respect and the consultant must be completely honest in his/her dealings.

In a country town the size of Swan Hill, there is every chance the seller and buyer know each other – or they soon will – and only an honest agent’s dealings will stand the scrutiny of an “action replay” by the parties involved.  Wood & Co would not have maintained its strong position in Swan Hill’s real estate sector for as long as it has unless its listings were accurately represented and all dealings completely transparent.

Residential, rural and commercial property all have unique points of difference and require specific knowledge and skills to facilitate their sale.  As you gain experience, you’ll find there might be certain areas you’d like to specialise in.