Receptionist & Administration

In a busy real estate office like Wood & Co Real Estate Swan Hill, we rely on the solid support of our administration people to keep the wheels turning.

It could be said that the Sales Consultants and Property Managers are the soldiers fighting at the front-line whilst the Secretaries, Assistants, Receptionists and Administrators are right behind them providing ammunition, communication, food and supplies.

Quality support results in quality service

The laws and regulations involved in the selling and leasing of real estate in both Victoria and New South Wales are stringent and demanding. In addition, there are Quality Assurance systems and procedures that Wood & Co has in place to ensure a consistent level of world class service. All this takes time and expertise and it’s our support team that help make it happen.

Meeting marketing deadlines, dispatching contracts and leases, reconciling trust accounts, overseeing repairs and maintenance, keeping the computer systems on track and liaising with solicitors, banks, contractors and property owners. Each small task on its own may seem unimportant but let one slip by and it can place the whole operation in jeopardy.

A dynamic, challenging environment 

A good receptionist needs to be able to handle multiple enquiries coming in by phone, email and in person – all at once – treating each client with respect and providing the assistance they need. It takes lots of skill and great organisation.

A good Sales Secretary will be checking that an advertisement stays within budget whilst uploading a new property onto the internet and dispatching contracts before the mail closes. The property sellers are depending on it and the Sales Consultants are sweating on it. The secret is keeping your cool under pressure and staying on top of your game.

Wood & Co’s clients are buying service. The quality of that service will determine whether or not clients get the results they want. If Wood & Co continues to achieve the desired results, clients will keep buying Wood & Co’s service.

The most important thing in providing great service is having great people – and that’s where you come in.