Lauren Wood

Office Manager

A little about me

Born and raised in Swan Hill, Lauren learnt early the strength of family values, and the rewards of persistence and hard work, growing up with six siblings on a Mallee wheat farm.

Lauren is the wife of Brian Wood, principal of Wood & Co Real Estate and although it wasn’t hard to convince the boss to put her on (once the children had all reached school age), she has earned her place on the team and enjoys being a part of the excitement of running a real estate business. Lauren’s role is many and varied, depending on the needs of the business at any given time and Wood & Co is very fortunate to have her diverse experience and expertise.

With a strong drive for perfectionism, Lauren is also charged with the task of constantly improving Wood & Co’s extensive systems and procedures to ensure the business runs efficiently and effectively.

1991 was a big year for Lauren and Brian when they purchased Wood & Co and started their family and they are the very proud parents of Lachlan, Chris, Ashton and Grace, whom are now all adults.

Health and fitness is also an important part of Lauren’s life, being conscience of the fact that what we feed our bodies – not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually – ultimately makes us what and who we are today.